Vintage Art

I am a complete sucker for a beautiful piece of vintage art.  Nothing high end, in fact, just the opposite.  I love the lost, no-longer-appreciated art of the world.  The stuff people sell for a few bucks at local garage sales.  Everything from florals, pencil drawings, scenic watercolors, and paint by numbers.  I love them all and have a nice collection of most of the aforementioned in my own home.  Some pieces stay for a while, while others tend to move around the house.

Here's a few inspiration photos including vintage art to make a space feel cozier and more lived in:

(All images are via my pinterest)

Notice how most of the above images are gallery walls.  I guess you could say I'm sort of obsessed with large groupings of vintage artwork as well.  Which is why having a store filled with vintage art is a dream come true.  Here's a taste of what's in the store:

Come on in and start creating your own gallery wall.

Cheers to a vintage life well lived.

Jessica and Julie

An Ode to Color…

Today I feel inspired by yellow and green.  So fresh, crisp and young feeling.  Take a look…

Source: via Mara on Pinterest

I mean really, wouldn't you agree.  We have lots of color in the store for you, but today I was in a yellow and green kind of mood.  Who knows what tomorrow may bring…

Cheer to a vintage life well lived.
Jessica and Julie

Red, White and Blue

In the name of Independence Day, I am posting about all things Red, White and Blue.

When I first started my research for this post (and serious research was involved;), I had the obvious theme of the 4th of July in mind.  But as I started gathering more and more images of Red, White and Blue inspired interiors, I began to realized that this theme spreads far beyond the 4th.  The color combination in itself is clean, crisp and extremely complimentary.  I'm sure many of you have already been on this bandwagon, but it's new to me.  See, it's great to be inspired by something new every single day.

Here are a few images of Red, White and Blue inspired interiors:

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

NOW…here are a few things we have in the store to help you add those same colorful touches.

Happy Friday and Cheers to a vintage life well lived!

Jessica and Julie