My idea of “comfort food”

It’s getting dark at 3:30pm…It’s raining…again.  Fall is a beautiful time of year until the leaves are wet and laying on the lawn waiting to be picked up for the season.  Lot’s of heavy stories in the news to digest.  It’s time for comfort food.  Bowl of macaroni cheese in hand, I survey my surroundings.  Time to make “comfort space”.  It helps getting through the dreary Chicago weather by being able to look around your home and find things that give you a little pep in your step…a little flash of the pearly whites.  Here at Gather & Collect, we hope we are able to help you achieve that goal without breaking the bank.  Stop in.  We’ve scoured the midwest for vintage treasures that will surely help make your house a home.

Cheers to a vintage life well lived.

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