An Ode to Color…Part 2

Lately, I have been so inspired by color.  Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue and every color in between.  Before I begin painting any piece of furniture I’m always a bit of a sceptic…wondering if it will turn out as good as planned.  Well, I have to say that every single time a piece is completed I’m pretty impressed with how amazing it looks.  This week is dedicated to Orange and Red.

So what do you think??  This color combination is pretty invigorating, isn’t it?!  Makes me want to paint some furniture.  The next table that crosses my path just might end up one of these colors.  That would be a good thing. Every room needs a little bit of spice.  If your room needs that bit of spice, Gather and Collect has you covered.  Color is our middle name.

So, what colors inspire you?

Cheers to a vintage life full of color!

Jessica and Julie

(All images via Pinterest)