Do you gather or collect?

How many of you saw the photos that Julie posted on our facebook page of her amazing collections? If you haven’t already, sneak over there and have a peek. They’re pretty fun.

I’m not quite the collector that Julie is. I don’t have the tolerance for clutter although I wish I did because I do love all the beautiful vintage what nots that I find in my hunts. Instead I tend to collect things that can be put up and out of the way. My collections include vintage purses, vintage jewelry, vintage pastoral paintings, vintage paint by numbers, vintage lamps, vintage mirrors and I’ve recently started a collection of large vintage clam shells. If I can get my act together I post some photos of my collections as well.

Until then, here are some beautiful pictures of other collectors vintage collections.

(all images found on pinterest)

What do you like to collect and why?

Cheers to a vintage life well lived.

Jessica and Julie

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