It’s hot and we’re putting stuff on sale!!!

If you're not in the area, let me be the first to inform you that it sure is hot in our neck of the woods.  Now please don't misunderstand me – I'd rather be sweatin' to the oldies than freezing cold.  But the heat has really made it next to impossible to paint any furniture.  Fear not.  We always manage to dig up some “new” vintage stuff to bring into the store each and every week.  And this week we're even putting some of it “ON SALE”!!

You know it!!!  Thursday, Friday and Saturday is the Glen Ellyn Sidewalk Sale, so come on down.  I don't have any pretty pictures to share since we're busy getting stuff ready, but believe you me, we will have loads and loads of items out on the sidewalk “ON SALE”.  I'm not sure why I keep using “quotation marks”, but who really cares when there's a “SALE” going on:)

So, don't let a little heat get in the way.  Things don't last long around here so don't delay.

As always, cheers to a vintage life well lived!

Jessica and Julie