New Ideas for outdoor decor

For the past few weekends the weather has been fairly decent, which means it would have been smart of me to get a head start on the outdoor decorations for the holiday season.  The only problem is that we have this family unspoken rule that we don’t bring out any holiday decorations until after turkey day.  So, the wait continues, which isn’t all half bad since I’m not sure what I want to do with the outside this year anyhow.  So I’ve been browsing pinterest for inspiration…

Of course, this entry way is BEAUTIFUL, but really,who has the time.  And we all know this was most likely a catalog shot perfectly styled for some big box store.  But still, it’s beautiful…and dreamy.

But part of me just wants to be simple and green.  Something like this…

But since I don’t have a beautiful (and clean;) white front door, my entryway will probably end up something more like this, sans ribbon…

Either way, the outdoor decorations will happen, and all will be right in the world once again.  But until then, I will continue to stress about the obviously very important things in life…decorations;).  So if any of you are creative nellies and want to share your holiday decor secrets, spill away.  I could use a little “outside the box” inspiration.

Cheers to a vintage life well lived.

Jessica and Julie

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