Home Tour

I came across the cutest home tour that I completely appreciate.  If you've been to our store, you'll understand why.  And if you haven't and you're local, well that's just a shame;)

I'm more of a gatherer, not so much of a collector.  The clutter of a collection seems to unfortunately get the best of me.  I say unfortunately because I really want to be a collector of many things such as pottery, glassware, etc…it just doesn't seem to work out.  BUT, I have found new collection inspiration that i may be able to deal with (hint: last photo).  I seem to be alright with collections on walls (hence my growing gallery walls), so this just might work:)

(For a full home tour, click here)

What do you like to gather and collect???

Cheers to a vintage life well lived.

Jessica and Julie

Vintage Art

I am a complete sucker for a beautiful piece of vintage art.  Nothing high end, in fact, just the opposite.  I love the lost, no-longer-appreciated art of the world.  The stuff people sell for a few bucks at local garage sales.  Everything from florals, pencil drawings, scenic watercolors, and paint by numbers.  I love them all and have a nice collection of most of the aforementioned in my own home.  Some pieces stay for a while, while others tend to move around the house.

Here's a few inspiration photos including vintage art to make a space feel cozier and more lived in:

(All images are via my pinterest)

Notice how most of the above images are gallery walls.  I guess you could say I'm sort of obsessed with large groupings of vintage artwork as well.  Which is why having a store filled with vintage art is a dream come true.  Here's a taste of what's in the store:

Come on in and start creating your own gallery wall.

Cheers to a vintage life well lived.

Jessica and Julie

An Ode to Color…

Today I feel inspired by yellow and green.  So fresh, crisp and young feeling.  Take a look…

Source: bhg.com via Mara on Pinterest

I mean really, wouldn't you agree.  We have lots of color in the store for you, but today I was in a yellow and green kind of mood.  Who knows what tomorrow may bring…

Cheer to a vintage life well lived.
Jessica and Julie

Red, White and Blue

In the name of Independence Day, I am posting about all things Red, White and Blue.

When I first started my research for this post (and serious research was involved;), I had the obvious theme of the 4th of July in mind.  But as I started gathering more and more images of Red, White and Blue inspired interiors, I began to realized that this theme spreads far beyond the 4th.  The color combination in itself is clean, crisp and extremely complimentary.  I'm sure many of you have already been on this bandwagon, but it's new to me.  See, it's great to be inspired by something new every single day.

Here are a few images of Red, White and Blue inspired interiors:

Source: google.com via Jessica on Pinterest

NOW…here are a few things we have in the store to help you add those same colorful touches.

Happy Friday and Cheers to a vintage life well lived!

Jessica and Julie

Before and After

Everybody loves a good before and after shot, right??!!  So, I thought we should start a new series called “Before and After”.  I know, i know…your wondering how i thought of such an incredibly original name.  Well, we wouldn't want to give away our secrets now, would we.

Onward.  The following post is brief and simple, but is not for the faint of heart.  All you natural wood lovers should probably not read on, and if you do, we can not be held responsible for any health risks the following photos may pose.

A simple chair make-over.


I know what your thinking.  The wood and rush seating are in perfect shape.  Now why would I want to go and change anything.  Well, quite frankly I was bored…bored stiff, so i decided to add some color.


A little crazy, I know.  This color is obviously not for everyone, but boy do they look different, don't they.  A few bucks later and you've got some colorful, updated chairs that are ready for a new home.

And remember that little yellow outdoor set I posted about yesterday?  Well I snapped a photo of it in it's new home.  So happy and sun shiny.

So, hopefully I've motivated you to look at your old furniture in a new way.  A little bit of paint goes a long way.

Cheers to a vintage life well lived.

Jessica and Julie

Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Have you ever been??  I went for the first time this weekend and it was pure delight.

I'm sort of kicking myself for not taking more pictures because this sweet little town was worthy of a lengthy photo shoot.  Every store sign was distressed and vintage in character.  Even the local firetrucks had the town name hand painted on them.  If we were able to spend the night I definitely would have stayed at Camp Wandawega.  So much history in this little town.  I love rural America.  I guess all the more reason to return, right?!

The main reason for my visit was to visit the ever-so-famous Elkhorn Flea Market which is the mecca of all flea markets in the midwest.  There was no junk to be seen…only fantastic treasures to be found.  Here are a few iphone photos from the day.  Actually, my intention was to shoot beautiful photos of all the fantastic stuff I saw throughout the day, but when it came time to leave, i realized I hadn't taken any photos, so these were taken in the car, while my husband drove.  Still a great example of how fantastic the Elkhorn Flea Market is.

See that cute yellow vintage outdoor set?  That actually came home with us and is sitting on my back patio right now.  And I must say it's looking mighty swell in all of its vintage yellow glory.

Cheers to a vintage life well lived!

Jessica and Julie

Do you pinterest?

Lately I've been obsessed with an online “pinning” community called Pinterest.  Are you in the know?

It's a great place to gather and collect images of anything you obsess/have interest in and share with others who are doing the same.  You can also follow other peoples “pins” and “repin” anything you fancy.

I'm a fanatic of all things design…mainly interior design scapes of any sort.

Here are a few of my recent “pins” i've categorized under “vintage spaces”.

I highly recommend checking out Pinterest, but just be careful…it's addicting.

If you don't currently Pinterest, but would like to, send me your email and i'll send you an invite.  You can go to the site directly and request a membership as well, but it can take a bit longer that way.

Happy Pinning and Cheers to a vintage life well pinned lived!

Jessica and Julie

We’re bringing sexy back

At least in the form of mood lighting!  Check it out…

And if you've ever stepped into our store you know that things are constantly changing, and that includes the lighting as well.  No room is ever complete until you've added the essential element of lamps.  I have a slight lamp obsession (shhh, don't tell my husband), but i just feel that a room doesn't feel completely lived in and comfortable without a few good lamps.  Also, lamps are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to change the feel of a room (for those of you that get bored easily, like myself;).

But never fear!  There's still one more day of shopping left this week!


Cheers to a vintage life well lived.

Jessica and Julie

Vintage Home Tour

As we get ready for another fun weekend of shopping over at Gather and Collect, I wanted to leave you with some vintage inspiration.

This home is filled to the brim with vintage finds, collections of pottery, and color color color.  I love looking into the homes of collectors and thrift store junkies, like ourselves, because everyone has a different take on vintage.  There are no two homes alike.  Unlike buying from a catalog, vintage finds are difficult to find in mass, so most likely you'll be one of the select few to have any one object.  And really, it's all about the hunt!

For more information and photos of this home tour, click here.

Come and enjoy the hunt at Gather and Collect tomorrow, Friday and Saturday from 10-5.

In the meanwhile…

Cheers to a vintage life well lived!

Jessica and Julie